Text Box: My name is JD Solmonsen.  Falconry came into my life as a young boy of fourteen; I was immediately enraptured by the flight of a falcon or hawk. Forty-five years later, still  passionate about the art and sport of falconry, speaks of the length & depth of that consuming love.  My personal falconry experience is broad but ongoing.  I am constantly seeking the enjoyment of the “perfect flight” with my falcons.

From 1968 thru 1985, I flew prairie falcons, red tail hawks, goshawks, kestrels and cooper's hawks.  Over the years, I have obtained numerous permits and traveled thousands of miles to trap wild prairies and gyr falcons.  (Trapping is my second passion.)  For 18 years, in northeast Washington state , I housed gyrs, peregrines, hybrids and prairies.  I have been fortunate to purchase and fly  some outstanding captive bred falcons.  With them I harvested hungarian partridge, pheasants and an occasional grouse.  But more prevalent in Okanogan County  were opportunities for action packed duck hawking than upland game hawking.  A fact that would eventually mean relocating our home and project to The Great Plains of Montana. 
Eventually, it seemed a natural progression to selectively breed a line of peregrines that would naturally exhibit the qualities experienced falconers work to develop in a hunting hawk.   Thus as a  yearning desire and personal challenge, in 2003 the peales peregrine breeding project took flight.

Great plains peales

Attila, 2008 tiercel

Great Plains Peales

157 Cherry Valley Road

Glasgow, Montana 59230




Peregrine falcons with distinction bred by JD Solmonsen