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Great plains peales

Peregrine falcons with distinction bred by JD Solmonsen

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Great plains peales

157 Cherry Valley Road

Glasgow, Montana 59230


My philosophy breeding falcons is to create a natural environment for a selectively chosen pair and let the falcons "take it from there". I believe captive raised falcons often develop bad habits created through human intervention by breeders. I felt it necessary to control the exact conditions how the young were raised the first # of days in order to develop a true "chamber raised" bird. The young are isolated from human contact and noise other than banding and kept well fed and content by both parents. The result produces calm, quiet, gently disposed falcons.

As the foundation of the project, the "A pair", I chose falcons with outstanding genetics, Taggart A stock* peales peregrines to pair up; the peales being the largest and darkest of the North American subspecies of peregrine. Characteristically complementary to one another and both proven hunters in the field, the "A pair" is producing a line of peales that is intelligent, strikingly handsome, a pleasure to handle and courageous hunters. They are entering their 6th breeding season.

Their first season produced 4 females; two were placed with other breeders and one was kept to game hawk (Jennie). 2006 produced three dark, calm, above average sized tiercels. 2007 produced one each sex. 2008, 3 falcons and an exceptional tiercel that was kept to fly on "huns", appropriately named Attila. 2009, 2 falcons & 2 tiercels, currently flying Blair. 2010, 3 falcons, 2 sold as imprints & 1 tiercel.

  Our "B pair" is comprised of an exceptional falcon produced by the "A pair" in 2005 (Jennie) and a tiercel (Baba), brought into the project from a non-related lineage of peales. Baba's calm disposition combined with Jennie's sheer determination to hunt has for the makings of an highly successful game hawk. Their first season together, 2010, they produced a falcon sold as an imprint and a tiercel that was a sheer joy to handle. Many quality falconry experiences had with the young out of this pair is impending. .

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